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That is entirely in your hands! We will take you through all the stages of weight management. Preparation, weight loss, stabilization and finally maintenance. By the time you are at your goal weight, you will know exactly how much you can eat to maintain your new weight. If you eat more then you will put weight on. You are advised to come for free maintenance weigh ins once a month, to keep an eye on things, and the people who do this are the ones who keep the weight off.

Yes you can exercise, and exercise is good for toning and cardiovascular health. We will discuss the level and intensity of your exercise regime and chose an appropriate plan for you.

Yes, the programme will depend on which medication you are on, we will discuss this at your first appointment.

We will discuss holiday plans and work out how to get the balance right between having an enjoyable time and not gaining lots of weight. We will look at the types of food available in the country you are visiting and chose the best options. Booking an appointment for a weigh-in when you return is also important.

Yes, it is difficult to change your eating habits permanently without ongoing advice and support. We have the expertise to help you lose weight and also work out how many calories you need to consume to maintain your goal weight. From here we work together to establish a list of foods and recipes which fit in with your personal preferences and lifestyle, even allowing for the occasional treat!

The cost will depend on how much weight you need to lose, which programme you adopt and how well you stick to the plan. However, most people save money, as the meal replacements are generally cheaper than conventional meals, and if you are not drinking alcohol and having take away meals you will find that the amount you are spending each week is less than usual.

You will be weighed and measured and BMI (body mass index, this is a mathematical formula and is a ratio of height and weight) calculated, from this we can establish how much weight you need to lose to achieve a healthy BMI . After this a goal weight is set and we can work out a rough timescale, obviously we are all different and lose weight at different rates, depending on how much muscle the body has, how active you are, your age, but every one will lose weight, if they follow the plan. Week by week we will revisit your goals and set new ones where appropriate. We will give you strategies for coping with difficult situations, a family party or works dinner for example.
Also the accountability is important, someone else knows how well you have done each week, it is all too easy to tell yourself that one day off doesn’t matter and you can get back to it tomorrow, then tomorrow never comes!