Plan your day – don’t just ‘go with flow’ – decide what ‘plan’ you are on each day – are you sticking to s/s or s/s+ or moving up to 810 or 1000? Decide and stick to it!

Don’t ‘Nibble’ – everywhere you go there will be chocolates, nuts, mince pies etc. don’t fall into the trap of ‘grazing’ all day long, as this can be more calories and pile on more lb’s than eating a proper meal!!

Always go for protein/veg type foods, try not to choose, pastry, cakes, sugary, fatty, snack type foods as these contain far more calories – and they don’t fill you up.

If you are going out for a meal have your Cambridge in the day to lessen the blow. At the meal try not to eat non-essentials like bread rolls, save yourself for the meal and don’t overfill yourself. If it is 3 or 4 course, choose between starter or the pudding but NOT both and not the mints or mince pies after!

Keep drinking your water – ensure you are drinking at least 2 litres each day, this will help stop you nibbling, getting de-hydrated, and keep you feeling good ‘inside’ and less bloated and sluggish.

Try and balance a ‘heavy’ day or a day where you over-indulged a little with a few really good days where you can, plot on your planner the days where you can do 810 or even 1000 cals in-between the do’s or ‘special’ days. Or even have a ‘fasting day’ in between heavy days.

If you are going to eat something, just ask yourself, am I eating it because I’m hungry or just for the sake of it because it is there? Do I need this??

Try making yourself a ‘treat allowance’ list for over Christmas….. eg, you can have, 1 mince pie, 1 small slice Christmas cake, 1 glass bubbly with Christmas dinner, 5 of your favourite chocolates over the Christmas period. Once you have had each of your treats you tick it off your list. ~ This will stop you feeling deprived but keep you ‘in control’ and appreciate the ‘treat’ when you have it..

And when it is all over and done with, the sooner you get rid of the leftovers – the better!!    YOU ARE NOT A DUSTBIN!!! So do not eat it all for the sake of it rather than throw it away. Clear out the fridge and the cupboards and throw away all the opened leftovers so they don’t tempt you.

If you have any un opened items left, ie, mince pies, cake, biscuits, chocolates, crisps any ‘goodies’ of any description as long as they are sealed and in date, why not take them to the hospice or homeless centre or old folks home, or elderly neighbour or friend where they will be used.

Have a Fabulous New year! Sally xxx