Green/Go – I want to Lose Weight?

If it is your intention to lose weight over Christmas then – good for you!! I am delighted you are in a positive frame of mind and will support you all the way.

In order to lose weight you have to view Christmas as just another few weeks the same as any other, and follow your plan 100%

If you chose to eat on Christmas day or another time just remember it is not the ‘Christmas dinner’ that is the problem it is ‘all the other stuff’ that goes with Christmas day. So have your roast dinner, meat veg and a bit of gravy. Try and leave out the roasties and parsnips if you can, but if you can’t just have 1. Have your CD for breakfast as usual and then your other 2 CD during the day around your meal. Keep drinking your water and keep busy. Then carry on with your s/s or s/s+ throughout the rest of the Christmas period. Remember alcohol is loaded with calories, so watch it!

Amber/Caution – I will be happy to Stay the same?

If you would be happy to stay the same over the Christmas period then we do still need to focus. Christmas is spread over at least 2-3 weeks for most clients so if we are not careful this could be several lb’s on if not being mindful.

Use a planner and write down all your commitments on it for the party season. Meals out, Christmas lunch, lunches, parties etc. Then tot up how many things you have out of the 28 days. It will probebly only be 4, 5, 6 things, so in reality less than 20-25% of the days that may be a little ‘naughty’

On all the other days stick to your plan or even 810/1000, and on the days you have ‘something on’, do your CD where you can say for breakfast and maybe later in the day, or breakfast and lunch, that way it will help to reduce overall calorie intake for the day.

If you can stick to this over the Christmas period this should still give you a reasonable weight loss.

Red/Stop/Danger!! – Not bothered will start again in January!!

Well, it really is up to you if this is your choice, but do consider how much weight you have lost so far and if you really want to be gaining weight over Christmas. But if you decide that this is your option then just remember I am here for you after Christmas to help you pick things back up and get rid of any Christmas lb’s. My advice would be though to get straight on track once the festivities are over, the longer into January you leave it the harder it will get. So set a date, and stick with it. Empty the fridge/cupboards of left overs and start the year afresh. I am back in work W/C 4th Jan, hope to see you then!!

So, whichever you choose, just remember, it is a CHOICE!! ~ Christmas should not be a month ’foodathon’!! whilst on the diet your stomach will have shrunk so always keep portions smaller and don’t overfeed yourself as you can make yourself feel quite ill from portion and calorie overload , so just take things easy….   Have a Lovely Christmas, see you back in January.

Sally xxx