A man once said to me “It takes a lot to make a man decide to lose weight, but once they have made that decision, they stick to it 100%.”
He made the decision to lose weight because his dad had had a heart attack, in his mid-50s and so had his uncle, he knew, to use his words, that he was “a sitting duck”, and he worried about how his wife and children would support themselves if he became seriously ill.
We work with men of all ages, but the majority are in their 40s and 50s, often they have played sport in the past, but due to injury or pressure of work, are no longer able to find the time to play. This combined with socialising, eating out with friends and family, often results in an increasing waistline.
They may have been advised to lose weight by their GP, if their blood pressure and cholesterol are raised, men want a straight forward solution, with step by step instructions to get them to their goal, this is what we provide.
seca-mbcaMen carry excess weight around their middle, which is where visceral fat is stored, this is the fat around your internal organs and is a marker for heart disease and strokes. The good news is that by changing their diet, men are able to lose weight quickly, due to their muscle mass.
Using the Seca medical body composition analyser (Seca mBCA), we can measure muscle, water content, total body fat and visceral fat, each week the change in composition is noted and after several weeks graphs can be drawn to show progress.
Men also benefit from increased confidence when they lose weight, when they feel good about their appearance and their clothes fit properly they start to feel that they can achieve more in other areas of their lives, perhaps changing jobs or applying for promotions, that previously they didn’t feel were open to them.


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